10 things that will make your life better this winter

If you live in a cold place, you know that winters can be long and miserable (if you don’t live in a cold place, stop rubbing it in already). Cold, dry air and dark days wreak havoc on our skin, hair, and general mood, but there are ways to make the winter months more bearable. Here are a few:

Desk humidifier. How awesome is this? I bought a humidifier for my home this winter, as soon as the temperature dipped and I felt my nose and throat closing up as the cold dry temps outside fought with the heated, dried temps inside. It helped me get over a cold easier and it generally makes awful winters more bearable—this one is small and portable and will keep you breathing easy at your desk.


Grapefruit Cardamom Skin Balm From Etta + Billie. It smells awesome, is made with natural ingredients, and comes in a very cute and convenient stick form so you can bring it with you to work, the gym, etc. easily. It goes on thick and soothing without being greasy.


Vitamin D pills: If you live in Canada or some of the States, it’s a fact: you’re not getting much sun these days. Proper vitamin D levels keeps you healthy and energetic and protects you from those gross colds that go around in the winter—and almost all of us are deficient. Stock up on these and take them daily—you’ll be surprised at how much better you feel.


Heavy cabin socks. This one’s a no brainer. Pick some comfy, colorful ones that you like and pretty much wear them from Jan 1 – April 1.


Fingerless gloves: Warm, stylish, and you still have the dexterity to text, open stuff, and show off your manicure. These ones from Drake General Store are pretty awesome.


Organic Vanilla Chai from David’s Tea. You’re gonna wanna be drinking A LOT of warm liquids, and if you’re like me, multiple coffees every day might make you want to jump out of your skin. Try something spicy, comforting and warming like the organic vanilla chai from Davids Tea.


Down coat from Soia & Kyo: Frankly I’d rather just wear a tank top and flip flops year-round, but it’s gonna be -30 in no time and those of us living in cold places need to take this shit seriously. This jacket is down-filled and will keep you as warm as a Canada Goose AND it’s form fitting and pretty. This is my favourite purchase of the season and I will probably be sleeping in this most nights.


Ripe Shop sugar lip scrub. Dry air=dry lips=yuck. Use this at night when you wash your face, a couple times a week, for smooth, healthy lips.


Crockpot: What’s better that a warm, thick, hearty stew on a cold winter day? Crockpots are the best because it’s so easy to make a delicious meal – you basically chuck some meat, veggies and spices into the pot and forget about it for a few hours. Then poof, your home smells delicious and you have an awesome dinner.


Anti-static dry oil mist: With winter comes static-y hair, which is extra hard on those of us with fine baby hair. When I was younger, I’d take my toque off after skiing and my hair would stand on end like I just touched one of those electricity orbs. Cute when I was five, not so much anymore. Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Micromist keeps even the finest hair shiny and smooth and keeps it from flying away from your head when you pull your sweater off. Worth the investment!





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