A hipster take on the beer hair rinse

Most of you have probably heard already that giving your hair a beer rinse in the shower will make it shiny. Well, I heard this too and I wanted to give it a try – despite a few setbacks.

First, the only beer in my house is gluten-free. What can I say, my husband’s a health nerd. Still,  I don’t think it’s the gluten that makes your hair shiny – it’s…the hops, or something? Either way, I figured it was close enough, so setback one eliminated.



Setback two: I really, really dislike beer. I’d say most of us have a few regretful or unpleasant drinking-related memories from our younger (or recent) years, and most of mine were beer related. I’ve never enjoyed the taste, and to this day, the smell of beer reminds me of my first hangovers, sickness, and teenage regret. Not the kind of scent memory I’m into.

But hey, the sacrifices we make for beauty, right? So I took my warm, flat, gluten-free beer into the shower with me the other day, and after washing my hair normally, gave it a good ol’ beer rinse. I felt like I was washing my hair with the nightmares of my adolescence – it was pretty gross. But as I washed the beer out and finished with some conditioner, I already noticed that my hair was smoother and silkier than it normally would be.

Generally I have pretty shiny hair, because I don’t use a lot of product and my hair is super fine and straight (it balances out the fact that my hair tangles like spiderwebs and it won’t hold a curl for more than twenty minutes). After brushing and drying though, I definitely noticed that my hair was much shinier than without the beer rinse, and it was a super easy step to add to my regular routine. And if you actually enjoy beer, you could make this an awesome addition to your beauty routine – a sip for you, a splash for your hair, and so on. At the very least it’s a good way to use up that gluten-free beer in your fridge that no one’s drinking.



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    What about wine? Can wine make your hair shiny? I’ll take that everywhere.

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