a spicy new protein bar: Muscle Masala

I’m really excited about a new local portable protein snack I discovered during a recent trip to Toronto. Muscle Masala makes delicious and hearty bars that, unlike most fruit and nut bars, has lots of protein (20 grams each) and unlike many similar bars, actually has a lot of ingredients: but they’re all natural and tasty. Think figs, raw seeds and nuts, flax and chia seeds, eggs, cocoa powder, and best of all: masala spice.

Of course, I had to try all three options: chocolate cherry cardamom, vanilla fig saffron, and chocolate ginger espresso.

How amazing is the packaging?

How amazing is the packaging?

The chocolate cherry cardamom is the spiciest of the bunch, with heavy notes of fennel and clove. The fun part is, due to the mix of ingredients, you get something different in every bite: chewy cherries, pumpkin seeds, cocoa, oats, and pecan all make themselves known. The vanilla fig saffron is lighter on the spice, sweet and not too heavy. Cinnamon notes, crunchy cashew, and sweet figs are the highlights. The ginger espresso was my favourite – somewhere between a chocolate cookie and a brownie but much more virtuous – with decent chunks of ginger and chocolate and a delightful but not overpowering spice profile.

photo 2 These babies pack a wallop with just under 300 calories, 20 grams of protein, and around18-20 grams of carbs and fat. They make a great hearty snack and technically could be a meal replacement, but I prefer them as a dessert or post-workout treat. Because they’re made with all natural ingredients, you want to eat them sooner rather than later, but I doubt you’ll keep these hanging around in your fridge long—they’re delicious. The best part of these treats is how different they are from other meal replacement bars—the flavours, texture, and freshness are unmatched, and trust me, I’m a bit of an expert in this area. I’m really excited to have a healthy and different option from the standard mass produced bars out there. Thanks Muscle Masala!

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