Boomf: Marshmallows with your face on them

You already know this about me: I get off on finding new and interesting products, purchasing said products, and telling other people about them. I especially love finding new things that I think specific people in my life might enjoy, and the stars truly aligned recently when I discovered Boomf just in time for a friend’s (and co-founder of this magazine) bridal shower.

Simply put, Boomf is a London-based company (part owned by the Duchess of Cambridge’s brother, James Middleton, FYI) that lets you screen Instagram images onto gourmet marshmallows. Yes, the food porn aspect of Instagram has gone full circle, allowing you to, if you so choose, take pictures of your food, and then put those pictures of food on more food. So meta. But, it also lets you create adorable and personal gifts for things like bridal showers—I took the liberty of creeping my friend and business partner’s Instagram account, plucking a few select images of her and her beau (including some gorgeous engagement photo shots), and sent them along…and BOOMF, a week or so later I get a cute box of even cuter marshmallows with my friend’s face all over them!



The quality of the images is pretty awesome, considering it’s a marshmallow. I can’t report on the taste since I didn’t eat any, so I’ll let Heather do that.

Yes, these are superfluous and a bit silly; and yes, that’s what makes them a perfect gift for the gal who has everything—except a picture of she and her fiancé on a confection. NOW she has everything.

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