Catching Some ZZZs – DIY Sleep Masks

Want to know a secret? I wear a sleep mask to bed every night. What began as a habit I picked up after a job that involved a lot of travel and many long flights, became a necessity. We have a very bright room and regardless of how many curtains and blinds cover the windows, I cannot sleep in unless I’m wearing a sleep mask because it’s just too darn bright.

As part of my wedding planning, I decided to make sleep masks with the leftover decor fabric I had and to include them in a “hangover” kit, along with Advil, earplugs and bottled water (more on all that later…).

Sleep masks are easy to make and are a great addition to a welcome bag (as per above), part of a bachelorette kit, a ladies spa day, etc.

You’ll need:

  • an existing sleep mask
  • scrap paper
  • 4 x 8 inch piece of patterned fabric
  • 4 x 8 inch piece of white or black fabric
  • scissors
  • a sewing machine
  • elastic
  • thread
  • straight pins
  1. Using the existing mask as a template, trace it on to the scrap paper face down. Cut out the paper template and use that to cut two pieces of fabric – the patterned front piece and the plain piece that will press against your eyes to keep out the light.
    IMG_4445 IMG_4446
  2. Pin the two pieces of fabric together, pattern side facing the inside.

IMG_4448 IMG_4450


3. Cut a piece of elastic approximately 8-12 inches long (depending on the size of your head – I hold it ear to ear to determine the length; MATH). Place the elastic between the two pieces of fabric. One end (that you will sew into place) at the very edge the other hanging out the end.



4. Starting at the end with the larger piece of elastic (that you are NOT going to sew into place) sew from that end along the top of the mask, the opposite edge (demonstrated here) over the elastic, then along the bottom of the mask, ending your stitch at the beginning point where the longer elastic end is (again not stitching over the long elastic end), leaving a space the size of your thumb.


5. By pulling on the end with the open elastic band that is not stitched into place, and using your fingers, turn the fabric inside out.

IMG_4454      IMG_4456


6. Take the elastic band and place in the small opening in the fabric. Fold down the sides of the fabric into the pocket of the mask so that there are no unsightly ends.


7. Stitch the elastic band into the opening, seeing along the edge and fastening into place.


8. Admire your handiwork! (oh, and potentially iron the mask flat before photographing it for your friends, Facebook, or in this case, online magazine…) Whoops.

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  • Eye masks are a terrific way to block that disturbing light and to help get the beauty rest we all need! Quality sleep is so key to maintaining a healthy immune system too! What a creative gift idea – love it!

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