Coffee Addict? Try Jiva Cubes

If you know someone (or you are someone) who absolutely lives for coffee, do I have a great Christmas present idea! Jiva Cubes is a new company offering tiny, portable coffee cubes (in flavours like black, French vanilla, mocha, caramel, and more) that you drop into hot water or milk for instant, delicious coffee goodness. Jiva Cubes works with the National Federation of Coffee Farmers in Columbia, ensuring their coffee is Fair-Trade (and tasty). Cheaper than Starbucks, better tasting than that creepy machine that makes cappuccino at your work, and small and convenient so you can carry them in your purse, on long flights, or when you’re camping. They’re pretty much the perfect thing.


I contributed to the company’s Kickstarter project because I was so excited to try these babies out – so they sent me a few of every flavour, except for the green tea and lemonade flavours which are their newest (I’ll be trying those soon enough!). My favourite one was probably the caramel; all the flavoured cubes are just sweet enough without being too sugary, and they taste fine in just hot water – no milk needed, although I experimented with almond and goat’s milk (I like goat’s milk, it’s just my thing) and both worked really well. The black, unsweetened cubes are perfect for those of us trying to curb our sugar intake, while the hot chocolate are perfect for those of us who love sugar and also live in cold places where hot chocolate is basically a survival tool.


I love Jiva Cubes for the convenience as much as the taste, and they would make a perfect stocking stuffer. What do you think – would you try them?

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