Discovering caffeinated waffles, or: I’m freaking out right now

There is nothing better than discovering cool new products, and trying them, and then telling other people about them. Luckily, milieu is my outlet for this obsession (previously I would just yell loudly about stuff to my friends over the phone while they laughed at me) and now you, dear reader, get to bear the brunt of my caffeine-soaked enthusiasm for this new wonder: Wired Waffles. Caffeine. Infused. Waffles. Mind blown. Let’s continue.

Now, first I should say that I don’t need caffeine, and in fact should not be ingesting it, ever. I tend to have a surplus of energy even at the worst of times, and I’m one of those people that gets the shakes just looking at a cup of coffee. But living in New York, I always felt left out of the masses of baggy-eyed zombies slurping away at their oversized jugs of Dunkin Donuts coffee on the morning commute, so I took it upon myself to slowly acclimatize to the drink and acquire both a taste for hot dirt and at least a bit of tolerance for caffeine. After one week of iced coffees left me feeling like I was having a panic attack, I eased back and reverted to tea, but now I’m back on the coffee again – perhaps old(er) age is mellowing me and allowing for the increased tolerance? Either way, I’ve hopped aboard the caffeine train – and this vehicle (a sugary, chewy, carb-y miracle of a waffle) is a much preferred one to the coffee that I must drown in cream and sugar to truly enjoy.

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The waffles come in mouth-watering flavors like chocolate chip, sweet sugar, cinnamon, and BACON MAPLE sorry I’m yelling. Each waffle contains 200 mg of caffeine, which is less than a Grande coffee at Starbucks but sufficient to wake you up (if the sugar doesn’t do the trick). They also have caffeinated maple syrup, which come to think of it would make a nice sweetener for your coffee OHNO I’ve gone off the deep end.

Have you tried them? We’ve got caffeinated chocolate, caffeinated breakfast foods…what next, caffeine you can drink? Oh wait…

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