Egyptian Magic is worth the hype

In addition to trying new, not-yet mainstream beauty products, I also love trying cult favourites and products that have been around for a long time - which is why I had to pick up some Egyptian Magic when I stopped through an amazing little shop called Easy Tiger the last time  was visiting Toronto (seriously, go here, it’s awesome).

Egyptian-Magic-All-Purpose-Skin-Cream-764936777770If you haven’t heard of Egyptian magic, it’s an all-natural cream used by pretty much every celebrity ever, for pretty much any reason you can think of. From conditioner to moisturizer to a cure for excema or cracked heels, this stuff is supposed to work wonders. What really hooked me, though, were the ingredients: olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly and propolis extract. Full stop. So basically, it’s everything good that comes from bees, and nothing else. Really I was just pumped to try something with Royal Jelly in it (that’s the special stuff honey bees make that only Queen bees are allowed to eat and basically gives them super powers; ever read the short story Royal Jelly by Roald Dahl? You must). Apparently this general formula has been used by Egyptians dating back to more than 2,500 years ago, hence the name, and it’s made without parabens, preservatives, or any other additives. Sounds pretty good, right?

Anyway, I used my Egyptian magic on my hands, elbows, and my poor, scarred ankles/heels where years of evil shoes and sandals have done some damage. Here’s the deal: this stuff is thick. It feels a bit greasy at first, but it does absorb into your skin really nicely. If you tend towards greasy skin, this probably isn’t the stuff for you, but if you have dry, ashy, or flaky skin, it will work wonders. Also, remember, Egyptian Magic has no additives, so don’t expect a sweet scent or pretty color. It looks like Vaseline and has only a mild scent of beeswax. But I’ve tried it, and it works.

In summary, this stuff is awesome. It’s natural, unfussy, and backed up by pretty much every single person that’s tried it. It’s also awesome to have on hand for its versatility: you don’t have to have a foot cream, conditioner, body lotion, or makeup remover on hand when you can just carry this stuff. Those Egyptians knew what they were talking about.

Have you tried Egyptian Magic, and if so, how do you use it? What other cult beauty products can you not live without?


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