Farah Studio: Westboro, Ottawa

Marketa is a trained journalist, completing her degree on a partial scholarship in Vienna. She has written for publications in Ottawa, Wakefield, Calgary and Vancouver as well as Hawaii. Follow her on Twitter @spell_czech1. This is her first contribution to milieu – read on as she tell us about Farah Studio in Westboro. 

Imagine being given a challenge: to create a well-fitted custom bridal gown. But the bride doesn’t know she’s a bride and thus cannot come in for a fitting. Yet, the gown must fit and look great when the unsuspecting girlfriend finally dons it during a surprise wedding ceremony.

This was exactly the type of challenge presented to Farah Asnaashari, the owner of Farah Studio in Westboro.

“It was so stressful!” she recalls the order, laughing. But her 30-plus years of experience as a fashion designer on three continents, her cunningness and her skill gave her the confidence she needed to trick the bride into a fitting of a fake dress.

The dress was only made so it could be taken apart again, its measurements used for the construction of the wedding gown. The result was one happy bride. And it’s no wonder; Farah places great value on quality, elegance and timelessness.

Coming from a place that has given the world such luxuries as saffron, caviar and Persian rugs, the appreciation of quality runs deep in her blood.

“My mom taught me everything,” she says, reminiscing on the first custom order she received as a 14-year-old girl. It was an order for a red velvet dress placed by the mother of one of her friends. This was the first of a long string of custom designs that followed.

One of the major influences on her growth as an artist and a designer was also living and working with her sister in their store in Rome.

“In Europe, you’re mostly attracted by quality. Having a style is not about following brands or big labels,” she says.


“It’s the difference between having a taste for luxury and having luxurious taste,” adds Farah’s son and integral part of Farah Studio, Keyvan Abedi. “If you have a taste for luxury, then you see pieces and you like them because of the brand and the price tag. If you have a luxurious taste, then it’s your taste that’s refined and you appreciate the craftsmanship.”

And the latter is exactly the clientele that Farah’s Studio caters to. Farah works with all clients to deliver pieces that represent well — whether it’s a lawyer, a bride or an artist.

“(The look) depends on the character of the person wearing the piece,” she explains.

But for those not quite ready for a custom-made outfit, Farah Studio now offers ready-made pieces that can be altered to fit just right. But even those pieces remain unique so the wearers can rest easy, knowing that each pieces is one of only three or four made.

Good to know: Farah Studio also project-based sewing classes. She uses her skill and knowledge to help you create a project of your choosing.

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