feel super fancy with rose water

On one of my recent travels, I was reading enRoute on an Air Canada flight (one of my favourite magazines, inflight or no) and one of my favourite features is one where they grill public figures about their travel must-haves: what they pack, what they bring in their carry-on, etc. One woman said she swears by rose water as a facial refresher and a pick me up, and I immediately added the product to my “must-buy” list.

You see, I’m on a big natural products kick. I’ve tried washing my hair as little as possible (and only with paraben and sulfate free products); coconut oil is my new facial moisturizer and makeup remover (link), and so this seemed like a fun new product to try out. Besides, I love rosewater-based desserts (often found in Indian sweets) and there’s something about rosewater that seems so, well, fancy. Sweet, clean, rose-essence water for beauty? Sounds like something Snow White would use, and she had a great complexion.

I was waiting for my upcoming trip to New York to purchase some at Whole Foods, as the article suggested (I’m also one of those food snobs/idiots that prefers to overspend at Whole Foods for no reason other than effective marketing) but at my local 24 hour grocery store, in the “water/alternative beverages” aisle, I saw a bottle for only 2.99. It looks pretty old school and it’s from Lebanon, and the price was right and the ingredients too: distilled rose water, full stop.

IMG_2799Looks legit.

I took it home and immediately opened it up to dab some on a cotton ball as a toner/post-gym refresher. I was instantly struck by how fragrant the clear water was. It smelled of, well, concentrated roses. I’m not sure what I expected but it was stronger than I thought; I don’t consider myself a particularly floral person so the scent could take some getting used to but it’s not the least I’ve done in the name of beauty, and besides it’s not strong once it’s on your skin. It did leave my face feeling clean and fresh, but only time (and some more experiments) will tell if rose water will gain a permanent place in my beauty regime.

So what about you? Have you used rosewater as a beauty product? What did you think?


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