Getting My Blurb On: The Favour Edition

Favours. Not the “can I borrow that pretty dress that you just bought and I have been coveting quietly” type, no I mean favours – the trinket type trash that you normally give out at weddings. That’s not fair of me; there are a lot of good favours. My personal favourite? Wine stoppers! In fact at my friend’s wedding several years’ ago she had beautiful starfish wine stoppers. When everyone left and there were some abandoned at each table, I loitered and lingered until I could scoop them into my too-tiny wedding purse, proud of my favour bounty and stealth ability to get more. I still use them to this day. ANYWAY, when it was wedding planning time I ran into the age old favour conundrum – to favour or not to favour.

First I thought of the favours I’ve loved – photos of the couple to keep and treats to eat are lovely – as well as the altruistic route of giving a donation to a charity of choice which I particularly enjoy. One of the common threads of successful favours, I reflected, was something that I kept and/or that reflected the wedding or the couple gifting the favour. While a wine stopper reflected our venue and overall theme, wine is more my obsession and not necessarily ours as a couple. After some consideration I came to realize that our biggest common bond was eating. We love to cook and eat together. There is a plethora of well-worn cookbooks with little notes and stains on the pages overflowing in our hallway bookshelf. What a perfect favour! A cookbook. But exactly how was I going to publish and create my own cookbook? Along came Blurb.

Quite simply, I love Blurb.

Blurb is a self-publishing platform for eBooks, magazines, regular books, you name it. It has free software, is easy to use and is super easy to figure out (for those of us who are not always web-savvy). In other words you neither have to be a publisher nor online web magazine editor to create beautifully crafted books to share with friends and family (or keep for yourself).


I downloaded the software and started by choosing the type of book (small square) and using one of the layout templates that they have (there are so many, making it easy to find something that suits your needs). After realizing that I wanted to include the header for the name of each recipe, a paragraph explaining the significance to us as a couple, a photo, a list of ingredients, directions and finally a wine pairing (had to get the wine theme and the wine region where we got married incorporated somehow) I decided I would create my own layout, which took all of 5 minutes, then only required me to copy the layout onto all the pages. Uploading the photos I wanted to use was equally as simple. The best part was that I could see, in advance, exactly what it was going to cost to make the quantity and type of cook books I was going to print, and the quote was identical at the end of production.


The result was a favour that was truly unique, indicative of our style and personalities and something that I actually felt confident that people might keep and even (insert hopeful and longing stare into the distance) use.

foreverendeavour abc380Our cookbooks on the favour table. Photo by Adelita Rose Photography

Next up – making Blurb books of my favourite wedding and honeymoon photos! On perfect uncoated paper *swoon*.

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