Gnarly Whale Toner and Coconut Milk Soap = Heaven

So, you guys know I’m a fan of The Gnarly Whale products – their minimal-ingredient, vegan, and YUMMY smelling products are reasonably priced and thoughtful. Their detangler, especially, is a revelation for those of us with long, fine hair that tangles so easily a light breeze could essentially ruin a $50 blow out. I digress.

The good folks at The Gnarly Whale sent me a few new, seasonal products to try and I tore into these babies right away: Detangler and Beach Waves spray in Oatmeal Milk & Honey; Green Tea and Peppermint Toner; and maple-scented Coconut Milk Soap. Here we go!


I’ve tried their detangler and beach wave sprays before, and they’re great – so good, in fact, that I was able to forgo using conditioner in the shower and just use the detangler spritz instead, cutting down on the chemicals and junk I put in my hair. The best thing about these ones though, is the scent: the oatmeal milk and honey combination is a sweet, homey, creamy smell that makes you think of vanilla and baked goods. But for all that, it’s subtle and blends quickly – you won’t have to worry about walking around smelling like a bakery.


If you DO like smelling like sweet foodstuffs, you have to get yourself some of this maple soap. Made with only a few ingredients like coconut oil and coconut fruit juice, this soap is easy on the skin, and the maple scent is amazing. It literally smells like sweet maple syrup, and I want pancakes every time I use it. So, if you like maple–or even better, if your significant other likes maple–treat yo’self and get some of this yummy, healthy soap.


Last, but not least, the green tea toner. I am a huge toner person, always have been. Even when I don’t feel like washing my face, a quick spritz of some toner always makes me feel refreshed and clean. This one is one of the best I’ve tried – the spray nozzle makes for a super fine, light mist and the peppermint smell is absolutely delicious. This is probably one of the most delightful morning pick-me-ups you can give yourself, and offered in a 4oz container for about $16, it will last, too.

The best news? There’s still time to order before the holidays, so you can buy some for you and for the people you like :)

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