I love garbage: The upcycled DIY stool

I will freely admit it; I love garbage. There have been more than a few times where I have asked my better half to pull over so I can take trash furniture and useless objects off neighbours lawns in order to turn trash into treasure. Again, being cheap means that I would rather put in a few minutes of work rather than buy something. Good news; upcycling is trendy now, since it’s a good thing for items to not end up in the trash, but rather in my kitchen!

Today’s upcycle is a rotten old kitchen stool. Behold!


You’ll need:

  • steel wool
  • an abrasive cleaner such as CLR
  • fabric
  • staple gun
  1. Before removing the hideous old fabric, clean the object entirely – I used CRL and steel wool to take any stains off of the steel legs as well as the rubber steps
  2. Once the object is cleaned entirely I removed the old plastic fabric
  3. Leave outdoors for the day to let the object air out
  4. Cut a piece of fabric the size of what you want to cover. I removed the stool top with a simple screwdriver (not the drink kind, the tool kind, unfortunately)
  5. Using a staple gun, pull the fabric tightly, but not too tightly and starting in opposite corners staple the fabric in place
  6. Screw the top of the stool or object you are covering back into place

And the end result?




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