Makeup for dummies: Beauty by Tracey

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Growing up, I completely and utterly refused the fact that I would ever wear makeup for my whole entire life. Well, the tomboy phase passed and I was wrong. It’s not like I wear makeup like a Kardashian…ever. In fact, most days I don’t wear makeup at all. If (on the rare occasion) I am going to wear it during the day, maybe for a day date or meeting someone new, it’s simply concealer, brows (which desperately need to be waxed because they haven’t in six years) penciled in a bit, mascara where I can find to put it (because I tend to pull out my eyelashes when I am wearing mascara – quite the paradox) and, according to everyone else, way too much blush. My nighttime look doesn’t actually really differ much, except maybe a bit of red Kate Moss lipstick. So, when the idea taking a makeup lesson popped into my head, I was absolutely looking forward to it, because I knew I was doing a few things wrong.

Beauty by Tracey was really the only avenue I could find that offered makeup lessons for the everyday person, just those of us that want to improve, but not become a full-fledged makeup artist. It turns out that she specializes in mobile professional makeup services with traditional makeup or airbrush makeup, doing makeup for television, film, bridal, theatre, commercial and portrait shoots in Ottawa and the surrounding area. She has even added her unique touch to the makeup of local news celebrities, global political leaders, and corporate CEO’s. But, I was looking for an easy, everyday look. So, if that’s what you want too, here are the things I learned from my makeup lesson:

  1. Start with a moisturizer.

  2. Concealer: This is to put under the eyes in order to cover those dark circles, or on blemishes and/or broken capillaries. It’s often one shade lighter than your foundation and as you pat it into your skin, remember that blending is key.

  3. Foundation: I skip this during the day, but I now wear it if I’m spending a night on the town. Again, you just rub it into your forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, neck – basically your whole face. And blend, blend, blend!

  4. Translucent powder: This is used to set either the concealer or the concealer/foundation combination.

  5. Blush: It’s supposed to look natural. Therefore, you can start at the “apple” of your cheek (when you smile) and blend it a bit upward along the cheekbone.

  6. Brows: Use the brow brush first (oh, THAT’S what that thing is for) and comb over your brows. Finish by lightly penciling in any sparse areas or using a powder and angled brush.

  7. Eyeshadow: I currently do not wear eyeshadow. If someone gives it to me as a gift or I receive a sample or something like that, I will wear it and I do like the *pop* that it gives my eyes. So, although she showed us how to apply it properly, I’m probably just going to stick with solely using it on my eyelid if I do use it at all, rather than all the way up to the brow. It’s just not my style.

  8. Mascara: Try not to pick it off. I know it’s tempting.

  9. Lips: She showed us how to use a lipliner and subsequently add lipstick. I think I’ll keep using a gloss for the day and my Kate Moss lipstick sans lip liner in the evening.

  10. Setting Spray: I like this idea. I buy all of my beauty products at terra20, because I’m, you know, trying to save the planet while looking beautiful, so I’ll have to see if they have anything like this.

Me and my new makeup skills!

Me and my new makeup skills!

Afterwards, I felt like I had had a bit of a makeover, which was totally cool, but would not necessarily be exactly how I’d wear my makeup every day, I did, however, take bits and pieces from what Tracey was teaching and am applying them now, and I have to say, those close to me are noticing – no one’s frantically wiping off my extra blush.

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