Mask madness: Sephora collection sleeping masks

Masks are all the rage right now. Nail masks, foot masks, sheet masks (those ones that make you look like Hannibal lecter), clay masks…the list goes on, but you all know they’re so hot right now.

I’ve always been wary of masks because I find they can sometimes be harsh and hard on sensitive skin, but I’m always willing to try new things, and these adorable little “sleeping masks” from Sephora are only $5 bucks a pop so I figured they’d be fun. I got the honey one and the green tea one but they have others like rose, lotus, and ginseng.

Each individual little pod actually lasted me two nights; it’s less a traditional mask and more of a super-moisturizing night gel, as you basically just lather your clean face with the stuff and then go to bed. I was worried that I’d be getting cream all over my pillow but after a few minutes it more or less sinks into your skin; the next day you might just want to take a wet washcloth to clear off any residue.


The honey one made my skin look and feel like, well…honey. Like butter. The next day my face was noticeably smoother, plumper and even-toned. I dug that mask pretty hard.

The green tea mask had a brighter, more refreshing scent that I’m not sure I love in a bedtime mask, but it felt nice on the skin and again I woke up with moisturized, smooth as a baby’s-butt skin. The green tea mask is supposed to matte-ify your skin, perhaps if you tend towards the oily side, so if this speaks to you, go for it. I definitely liked the honey mask best though, and I’ll be going back to Sephora to try the others. They’re a cheap, effective way to treat yo’self with very little effort. What’s not to like?

Have you tried these, or any other masks that we should know about? Tell us in the comments!

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