Mermaid Hair

I have never been so excited about a shampoo before in my life.

To be fair, shampoo isn’t really that exciting. Until, of course, they made one for mermaids, and it became a cult favorite by beauty-junkies and beautiful half-human sea creatures alike. This brand actually started out with perfume, and the shampoo shares its scent: a mixture of coconut and orange flowers, so good luck finding shampoo that smells better than this one. The range of products (shampoos, perfumes, oils, candles, and more) uses all natural ingredients; the shampoo even features, fittingly for a mermaid, brown and red algae.


Maybe there was a bit of a placebo effect going on—after all, I purchased this bottle as much for the look and the happiness it gave me than for the product inside—but the shampoo did make my hair shiny, soft and pretty.

Now, Mermaid Hair Shampoo is not cheap, and I won’t be using this exclusively forever, but it was a fun splurge that makes me happy every time I wash my hair (which is about once or twice a week, so it really is a special occasion).  Next time I want a splurge I might get myself the perfume, and continue to show off my mermaid heritage proudly. You can buy the range of products online, or at select Urban Outfitters locations.

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