More Wine Crafts! Sorry. Oh, and chalkboard paint too. #sorrynotsorry

Oh wine charms, you are soo last decade. What’s in right now? Personalized glasses, but not last years’ square of black chalkboard on a wine glass (although I own some of them too), no no, I mean on the stem. Hold your gasps until after the show, ladies and gentlemen.

You’ll need:

  • Wine glasses (these fancy ones are from Ikea)
  • Chalkboard paint that adheres to glass (we used Martha Stewart brand, bow down to the queen)
  • Tape
  1. Make sure your glasses are clean and dry. Carefully using the tape, and folding it over at the end so you can easily remove it, make a mark where you want your paint to stop. Here we chose just at the base of the stem.



2. Carefully dip the glass in the paint and coat the entire glass.

3. Turning it while it is horizontal over a plastic container, ensure any access has dripped off before placing it upside down to dry.

IMG_1277 IMG_1275 IMG_1271

4. Allow to dry overnight before using. Additionally give the glasses a clean so that your finger prints don’t appear on the inside from when you were turning them (whoops).


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    Jane Mister Sister

    OHhhhhhhhhh I love this :)

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