Nail Therapy – a facial for your nails?

This may sound strange, but I don’t really enjoy manicures. Yes, I love having pretty, healthy nails, but I’m not a huge fan of anyone pushing and cutting at my cuticles, or spending (sometimes) well over $30 for a pretty manicure that nevertheless lasts only five days. I think it’s a nice “once in a while” treat, but usually I take care of my hands at home.

I try to keep polish on my nails because I’m very hard on my hands and polish helps keep my nails from breaking. I lotion/massage some kind of coconut oil product into my nails and hands every night to keep them smooth and moisturized, and I cut/file/whatever as needed–that’s basically it. The other day I learned about a new mini-trend in nail care that I had to try: nail masks. I bought a pack at Urban Outfitters, and at $4, it’s worth a shot.


It’s a multivitamin nail treatment with no fragrance or color that help strengthen nails against splitting and peeling. It contains Vitamins C and E, aloe vera and collagen for skin, and shea butter to moisturize those darn cuticles, among other ingredients. But the fun part: the mask is essentially ten little finger puppets you pop onto your fingers and leave there for a half hour while the ingredients work their magic. Behold:

2015-04-25 19.58.33

I put these babies on during  a Netflix movie break and when I took them off, I was really surprised to find a noticeable difference with my nails: they looked shinier, the skin around them was softer and more smooth, and they just felt nice. It was sort of the same effect as a dentist’s trip on your teeth: everything just looks a little fresher. Again, for the price I definitely think they’re worth it, and a fun little way to pamper yourself at home.

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