New Annabelle Lipsies scents!

It’s that time again – Annabelle Lipsies new scents time! I was hoping they would deliver on the same holiday theme with these awesome, retractable lip balms that I loved so much last year; I used most of them completely up which almost never happens in my world of too many lipsticks. But, it looks like they’ve re-released the same or very similar colours but with different, non-holiday scents. They’re all food-related though, which I’m into. They’re such a great product–they smell great, they feel good on your lips and come in such a range of awesome colours–and so affordable that yes, I lost my mind and bought them all to try and tell you about. They make perfect gifts for the beauty junkie in your life and they’re cheap enough that you can buy them all and stash them in all of your bags and around the house, if you’re so inclined (I may have a problem). Anywhere, here are my thoughts on the new scents:

2015-12-09 21.04.33

Salted Caramel: this smells sweet and caramel-y and delicious. This is close to the hot chocolate one from last year, but doesn’t look quite as brown on the lip, it’s almost more of a berry/brown colour, but still nice and sheer. I like this one.
Peach Melba: This one smells like fuzzy peaches, which I’m into. It’s actually a really creamy pink on the lips, which surprised me. I like it a lot.
Creme Brulee: Another sweet, caramel-y scent, this one lighter; it has a very sheer, nude/brown tint. You guessed it, I liked it.
Chocolate-Covered Strawberry: Yum. Ok, these might not be the most sophisticated scents in the world – they do remind me of Lip Smackers for grownups – but that’s kinda why they’re awesome. This one smells true to the name and is a really pretty, semi-sheer red that’s flattering without being “too much.” Two thumbs up.
Vanilla Meringue: This one smells nice enough, and is completely sheer, so maybe good for layering or if you’re not in the mood for colour. It was just ok.
Rose Macaron: This one seems to be the same colour as my favourite from last year, the Grandma’s Peppermint, but has a very floral, rose-y scent. If you’re into flowery smells, this one’s for you, and I love the bright, flattering pink, but I was not into the scent. I’ll be re-gifting this one!
Have you bought any of these? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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