Peanut Butter Chronicles: Artisana single-serving nut butters

I’m a sucker for nut butters that come in single-serving packages. I feel like I’m less likely to eat an entire jar in one day, and they’re convenient for snacking on the go. When I came across these Artisana single-serving packets at my local health food store, I knew I wasn’t walking out without trying them. Raw, vegan, and organic, these babies are a triple-threat to the health-minded, but all I could think about was how tasty these would be atop some buttery shortbread cookies. Anyway, since I’d never tried walnut or pecan butter, I figured buying them in smaller portions was the way to go. Here are my thoughts:


Pecan butter: rich, smooth, but not as dense as peanut or almond butter. Sweet but not overly so.

Cashew butter: this one is the creamiest of the bunch; it has a very mild, sweet flavour, which is surprising because I think cashews have a pretty distinctive taste. Delicious, and a great option for people who are new to non-peanut nut butters and are maybe a bit scared to try something new.

Walnut butter: This one is more mild than the pecan butter, but with the same extremely smooth, soft mouth feel. You get that almost bitter walnut aftertaste, but if you like walnuts, you’ll enjoy this one.

If you can’t trust yourself with an entire jar of nut butter, or you need your fat source to be portable, these single-servings are perfect, and a nice change from your standard peanut and almond butters.

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