Peanut Butter Chronicles: The Lion’s Choice

It turns out that Instagram, at least the people I follow, can be broken down thusly: 50% people flexing in their bathroom mirror and 50% pictures of peanut butter--so it’s a great vehicle for me to find new pb products to try. That’s how I came across The Lion’s Choice, an American company that makes protein infused, natural, PROBIOTIC nut butter spreads, protein bars, and pancake mix. I’ve had many protein treats in my time but never ones fortified with probiotics so I was super excited to try these.  A couple other awesome things about this company: although they’re American and it’s more expensive to ship them to Canada, I was having some trouble with the online ordering process and they were extremely responsive and helpful. Also, a portion of their sales go to Dream to Achieve Foundation that helps support underprivileged youth in pursuing sports and other activities. So, they make awesome snacks and they’re good, helpful people. The Lion’s Choice is a pretty awesome company all around.



On to the good stuff: I ordered a variety pack of their bars, which come in amazing flavours like mint chocolate cone, salted caramel pretzel, rocky road, maple praline waffle, and more. My favourites were the birthday cake batter (of course) and the chocolate ginger (there were chunks of real ginger!). They’re made with whey protein and probiotics and they’re gluten, soy, peanut and lactose free. The bars are good, and I would definitely order them again, but they’re a little on the small side and have more of a granola bar vibe – they probably won’t replace my daily Quest Bar habit. The nut butters, however, may be my new obsession – I ordered the triple chocolate, the birthday cake batter, and the honey graham flavours. They were SO GOOD. I say “were” because they lasted about five minutes alone with me. I’m kind of embarrassed about how quickly I went through them, but they are easy to eat because they have an almost airy, whipped quality that make them less dense than a lot of protein infused butters. The birthday cake batter was by far my favourite, but I’m definitely ordering the other flavour, the toffee ‘n’ cream, next time. The triple chocolate tasted a little bit like  Reese’s peanut butter cups and the honey graham would be amazing on toast (I just ate it with a spoon). ALSO: they are extremely well priced for fancy protein nut butters, considering I’ve paid upwards of 16$ for a similar product and these are $7.99 (American).


So, if you’re a protein/peanut butter junkie like me, you should definitely give these a try. If you already have, let me know in the comments!

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    Holly amazing macros on those!!! Why does all the cool stuff have to come from the states!? I will hunt you down and steal you purse/gym bag to snag 1 or 10.

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