Pillow Talk: A lazy girls guide to making pillows

IMG_1260A pillow can really change the look of a room easily without doing a dramatic overhaul. My design mantra is to keep wall colours, major pieces of furniture and lamps a neutral colour and then to add things like throws, framed photos and artwork and pillows to make your statement. Cheap way to redecorate? Check! That being said, pillows and pillow covers can be horribly expensive (seriously anywhere between $20 and over $100) I believe that is crazy town (real word, don’t judge) and it can be done for so much less. Before you recoil and get sweaty and claim that you have no sewing skills – have faith – the tutorial below is a step by step guide in how to make your own pillow in 5 minutes, using the cheating, little-to-no sewing skills way. No pins, no measuring, no ironing – promise. Warning, it may hurt the feelings of those who can actually sew.

You will need:

-        A sewing machine

-        Thread

-        A pair of scissors

-        Fabric (see buying guide below)

-        A pillow insert (see buying guide below)

  1. Lay the fabric right-side down on a flat surface
  2. Cut any tags off the pillow
  3. Lay the form onto the fabric, aligning it with the bottom (start with the bottom and left edge of fabric)
  4. Make sure you have approximately 1 inch on each side (bottom and left edge)
  5. Make a small straight cut on the right side
  6. Rip the fabric (or cut, but a solid rip will ensure you have a straight line)
  7. Fold the fabric and pillow over
  8. Cut 1inch from the top
  9. Rip the fabric again
  10. Fold the fabric inside out with top and bottom end touching (this is where you can adjust in case any edges are unequal)
  11. Sew along the top and the right side
  12. Turn inside out
  13. Put the pillow form into the fabric case
  14. Fold down the open end of the fabric inward
  15. With the pillow in the case, sew a straight line down the folded fabric

There you have it – check out the finished product, 5 minutes later, with a cost of $6 a pillow.
*Tip, if you have a down-filled pillow, it is easier to push it down while you do step number 15 and sew the pillow into the cover, then just shake it out to return it to its original form once completed.

Buying Guide:
Pillow:  FJÄDRAR Inner Cushion $6 – Ikea http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/50160072/

Fabric: Premier Prints Traditions Blend Yellow $11.47 Yard

IMG_1212 IMG_1222 IMG_1257

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  • Reply May 29, 2014


    You lost me at sewing machine.

    Which is terrible because I want to have many colourful pillows in a well-coordinated array of mixed patterns. They really can get expensive!

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