S.W. Basics Skincare

Because I definitely need new skincare products (I don’t) I picked up a travel pack of S.W. Basics products the last time I was in ABC Carpet & Home (one of my favourite stores in NYC) to find it was on sale. This Brooklyn-based apothecary makes prettily-packaged natural and organic skincare and I’ve had my eye on it for a while. I was not disappointed.


The mini kit came with small glass jars of cleanser, toner, cream, exfolient and a body scrub. Each have their own specific natural ingredients depending on their job, and smelled lovely in their own way.  I was surprised that I actually loved every single thing in the kit, and I would buy any one of the products in a full-size (when I finally run out of my giant drawer of other skincare stuff). If you’re looking to buy some of these products, here are my thoughts:

This might be the best stuff ever invented.

This might be the best stuff ever invented.

  • Toner – I’ve always loved a good toner; I just like the clean, fresh feeling it gives at the end of the day. I’m generally a huge fan of the toner from Aesop, but I could see adding this into my mainstay. Essential oils and witch hazel are classic ingredients, but I especially liked the addition of organic raw apple cider vinegar, which has so many health benefits we should all just be bathing in it everyday. This one definitely has an apple-vinegar scent, so watch out if you’re not into that. It felt refreshing and not too intense.
  • The cleanser uses rosewater and tea tree oil, and what I like about it is that it’s actually not a foaming, soapy cleanser. You just shake, apply with a cotton ball, and rinse off with water. Nothing fancy, but it makes your skin feel so clean and fresh.
  • The cream is made with shea butter and coconut and olive oils and basically smells like happiness and love. It’s really thick and a bit on the oily side (obviously) so if you like uber-luxurious body butter type stuff, you’ll love this.
  • The exfoliant uses oat and almond flour as well as Maine sea salt, so this could essentially double as a delicious batter for your next fish fry. This facial exfoliant is not harsh at all – simply mix a bit with some water and massage gently onto your face. It made my face feel super clean and healthy.
  • The body scrub is a real lesson in self-control – not only could you eat this, you will really, really want to. Made with sugar, coconut oil and shredded coconut, this is a sweet, crumbly dream that I want to put all over my body and a bowl of ice cream. It is the best. It literally smells better than most desserts. Oh, and it also makes your rough parts (elbows and knees) nice and smooth.

This is a great skincare line that totally lives up to the hype – I think it would make great gifts for yourself or a friend who’s into pampering themselves. If you’ve tried it already, let me know what you think in the comments!


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