Shea you love me: Juliets Room skincare products

Contributed by Patty Toner – check out her beautiful and crafty adventures on Instagram @apaintedlife.

I fell in love with a man named Shay and shortly thereafter found an organic skin and body care line made in Canada with a body butter named “Shea You Love Me.” I’m a sucker, I couldn’t resist.  The name got me hooked but the smell kept me coming back for more.


I have been using Juliets Room handmade products for years, and as this small Canadian company experimented with new products over time, so did I. They have become a part of my every day skin care routine.

Shea You Love Me body butter is a staple in my cabinet. It is a perfect post-shower moisturizer, necessary in these harsh Canadian winters, and leaves your skin soft and smelling delicious.  The Milk & Honey Chai Tea hand and body lotion is also wonderful. I use it mostly as hand cream but will also use it on my face before bed for extra moisture.


When I really want to indulge, I mix a facial mask using the Green Tea & Coconut clay powder and some of my favourite specialty food items like a small spoonful of Greek yogurt, a drizzle of Nepali honey and a sprinkle of Madagascar vanilla bean powder. For greater exfoliation I add coffee grounds into the mix. Yes, it’s great for your skin, but who doesn’t like pretending you are making mud pies and slapping them on your face?


Each night before jumping into bed I spray Vanilla Lavender Body Mist on my pillows and sheets as a linen spray. The smell is exactly what I need to get relaxed and leave the day behind me.


What I find key about Juliets Room products is that they are safe, chemical free and good for those of us with sensitive skin.  They are organic, paraben-free, vegan or vegetarian and come in environmentally friendly packaging. They also make the loveliest gifts for special friends (like my bridesmaids!) and the owner and maker, Stacelynn Caughlan, even writes a little “thank you” note with each order.  What a treat!

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