Smell like vacation


tahiti_tiki_tp41If you don’t like the smell of natural vanilla and coconut, mixed together to create the warm, sunny scent of a beach in Hawaii, well, you can just stop reading now (aside: how could you not like this smell?). If you want to have healthy, supple skin that smells like the best vacation you’ve ever had, you absolutely need to look into Monoi Tiki oil. Made in Tahiti, it’s meant to apply to skin (especially rougher places like hands, feet, and elbows) after the shower and is made with coconut oil and handpicked tiare flowers. It turns into liquid over 68 degrees, as it’s mostly coconut oil (there are actually chunks of coconut in the lotion) so if it’s stored in a cool place you may need to warm it with your fingers first.

monoi tiki

I picked mine up at an adorable boutique called Warm on Mott Street in New York, but you can also order it through the website, where they have a few different scents: the vanilla one I picked up is my favourite (seriously, I wish you could smell this stuff through the screen, but you have to take my word for it) but it also comes in plain coconut, ylang ylang, sandalwood, and other scents.

As we move into fall and all too soon, into a dark, cold winter (you can tell I’m a warm weather person, right?) this lotion maybe as close to feeling the sumptuous warmth of a Hawaiian beach that we can get. I’ll take it.

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