the only makeup remover you will ever need

This is gonna change your life guys, no joke. You’re welcome. Also, you smell nice! Like coconuts.

Ok: here is how to safely, easily, and healthily remove even the most intense makeup, step by step:

  1. Go to fridge
  2. Take our your cold-pressed, extra virgin coconut oil; take a small chunk and put it in a bowl
  3. Take bowl to bathroom. Take very small amount of coconut oil and warm in your hands
  4. Apply coconut oil to eyes, face, lips, anywhere that makeup happens to be
  5. Rub coconut oil off your face gently with tissue paper or soft cloth
  6. Look in the mirror and revel at your make-up free, dewy and moisturized, delicious face
  7. Throw out all your other makeup remover
  8. (Optional) Go back to the kitchen and use remaining coconut oil to fry up some eggs; eat delicious coconut-y eggs

Coconut halves

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