We try the new Vega bar flavours

Every once in a while, even a self-professed carnivore like me can enjoy a vegetarian or even a vegan meal – sometimes without even realizing it. But it’s gotta be good – like Vega bars, the vegan protein bars. I’ve tried a bunch of their product, and I really like their protein powder; it has a thick, almost gritty consistency that I find quite pleasant and they have a vanilla chai flavour which isn’t common in the world of protein powders. Their bars, while in my mind not something I would normally substitute for the few ingredient and protein packed Quest bars that we bodybuilders are so fond of, are nonetheless tasty, relatively healthy, and a great option for those of you who want your protein snacks to be free of animal products. They recently came out with two new flavors, peanut butter chocolate and chocolate mint—two of my fave chocolate combos—so I thought I’d give them a try and report back.

The chocolate peanut butter replacement meal bar certainly does its best to replace an entire, balanced meal, and has a long list of pros: gluten free; non-gmo; one serving of greens; as much antioxidants as a cup of blueberries and the probiotics of a cup of yogurt. It’s pretty tasty too, and filling at 270 calories; not too sweet like some protein bars but still hearty and tasty enough to feel like a treat.


The chocolate mint protein bar may appeal to the vegan gym rats among us, with 15 grams of protein as well as glutamine, omega-3 and BCAA’s for recovery—making it a great post-workout option. It has a really pleasant peppermint patty taste, the dark chocolate complimenting a mild, smooth minty interior that’s a bit dry in an appealing way—again, not too sticky or candy-like.


I’m a pretty big fan of these bars; they’re a great, filling, “once in a while” snack that makes me feel like I’m offsetting—just a teeny bit—the massive quantities of animal protein I consume every week. And hey, if being vegan is your thing and you have a tough time sifting through all the whey-protein filled treats out there, Vega’s just the thing for you.

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