Wine Stained Chalkboard

Recently my friend and I hosted a “wine” themed bridal shower. Think about it, what better a theme! The guests brought gifts that ensured that the bride-to-be filled her cellar, along with all the appropriate accessories. Since I adore a good chalkboard (honestly who doesn’t?), and I love staining things, why not stain a simple wood framed board with WINE. Naturally I’ve stained enough shirts, throws, pillows etc. to know that it should colour the wood appropriately.

You’ll need:

  • a tape measure
  • 2-3 inch wide x 6-8 ft long pieces of wood (depending on the size and look you are going for, width doesn’t really matter, whereas choose a length that can be divided in two for your desired heigh, I used 8ft in the project below for a 4ft high board)
  • a bottle of wine you’d rather not drink (wait for a party and use swill or alternatively save a bottle you get as a gift but isn’t a favourite, “Thank you so much for this homemade wine! I know exactly what I’ll do with it…”)
  • 5/8 inch wood screws
  • a screwdriver or drill with appropriate bit
  • paintbrush
  • black chalkboard paint
  • utility knife
  • thin plywood
  1. Lay out and measure your wood trim. You can pick pieces that have personality, i.e. showing a bit of bark. Choose the pieces that you like. Measure and mark 2 pieces at 4ft in length, and two pieces that are 1ft in length.





2. Cut the pieces to size where you marked using a mitre box.


3. If the ends are rough or you have stamps on the wood from the store, use a hand sander or a piece of sandpaper and a bit of elbow grease to smooth the edges.

4. Using a plastic container to hold the wine, brush on as you would a stain in long even strokes following the direction of the grain of the wood. You’ll need to apply about 4 coats (luckily it dries quickly) to achieve the desired effect. More if you want it darker.




5. Measure a piece of plywood into a 1ft x 4ft rectangle and draw pencil lines for cutting.

6. Using an utility knife, cut about an inch to the inside of the lines you made with your pencil (so that the plywood is slightly smaller than your frame and therefore not visible from the front once you screw the frame to the front).


7. Paint the plywood entirely using chalkboard paint (2 thin coats should do the trick, allow for drying in between coats).


8. Once both the chalkboard paint and the wood trim have had time to dry completely (overnight preferably), screw the trim pieces to the plywood in a rectangle pattern as per below using either the screw driver or your drill.

 9. Decorate using chalk. If you want to get super fancy you can use stencils to apply your chalk so that you get a more professional looking decoration. I went “rustic” below.


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    lauren sinclair

    Love it! Great idea.

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